CNR EV TEKSTİLİ’in yeni tarihi belli oldu

The home textiles industry fulfills its longing for CNR EV TEKSTİLİ in Antalya

One of the world’s largest exhibitions tailored for the home textiles industry, CNR EV TEKSTİLİ, throws the spotlight on impressive achievements from September 05 to 09, 2023....

CNR EV TEKSTİLİ’in yeni tarihi belli oldu

CNR EV TEKSTİLİ, the Perfect Gift of Autumn for Home Textiles:

Save the date, September 05-09, 2023: CNR EV TEKSTİLİ makes its presence felt again with a wide-ranging selection of products, materials, accessories, and fabrics, all with a deep devotion to the home textile industry...

CNR EV TEKSTİLİ’in yeni tarihi belli oldu

The long-awaited event for home textiles takes a new turn in Antalya

The long-awaited event for the global home textile industry takes the stage in Antalya. CNR EV TEKSTİLİ, which has been postponed due to the pandemic since 2020...

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CNR EV TEKSTİLİ Embraces the Trendiest Colors

CNR EV TEKSTİLİ Embraces the Trendiest Colors of 2022 As vital components of the design process, COLORS raises brand recognition by 87% and affects 85% of product purchases. The world’s most reliable...


Home Textile World Gathers

One of the world’s two largest exhibitions dedicated to home textiles and decoration, CNR EV TEKSTİLİ, will take place with the participation of more than .

The Gateway to the World CNR EV TEKSTİLİ

The home textiles industry with exports worth 90 billion dollars is one of the highest exporting industries in Turkey. Regarding design and production power, Turkey is the fourth largest home textiles manufacturer in the world following China, India, and Pakistan. As the world's fourth largest exporter country, Turkey has a 3.6 percent share in the world market.