CNR EV TEKSTİLİ, the Perfect Gift of Autumn for Home Textiles:

A Multitude of Products, 800 Exhibitors, 122 Countries

Save the date, September 05-09, 2023: CNR EV TEKSTİLİ makes its presence felt again with a wide-ranging selection of products, materials, accessories, and fabrics, all with a deep devotion to the home textile industry. The enthusiastic participation of around 800 exhibitors from 122 countries extracts the value and quality of innovations and trends in the world of home textiles.

CNR EV TEKSTİLİ means so much to retailers, wholesalers, designers, interior decorators, architects, hotel owners, and many other professionals from the four corners of the world with the exhibition’s firm grip on the essence of the sector-related developments and advancements. The world’s pioneering home textile manufacturers, chiefly Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Italy, attach particular emphasis to EVTEKS to usher their business into new markets.

CNR EV TEKSTİLİ Highlights Originality, Transformation, Functionality

CNR EV TEKSTİLİ keeps up with modern times and turns into an original, transformative, and functional exhibit that represents the latest trends and themes. Reconnecting to nature and freedom, the home textiles industry takes a new turn with four key features of 2022, all of which reflect the sustainable, charming, and inspiring side of doing business at CNR EV TEKSTİLİ:

- Seeking intimacy with nature and a serene lifestyle
- Getting away from the chaos of city life
- Longing for nostalgia
- Celebrating freedom and individuality

Antalya: A Warm Welcome to the Home Textile World

Do you want to enjoy the gentle breeze of home textiles in Antalya, Turkey’s prime city of culture and tourism?

Bringing an inviting and lucrative atmosphere to global business, the multi-faceted city offers the most convenient location for exhibitors and visitors from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa with regard to business volume through its top-class hotels and attraction centers, physical qualities such as airports and ports, and favorable climate advantages. You can turn your business trip into a short vacation in this multi-faceted city, which has become a center of attention throughout the world with its peaceful and conciliatory approach.

CNR EV TEKSTİLİ, located in ANFAŞ - Antalya Expo Center and scheduled for September 05-09, 2023.