CNR EV TEKSTİLİ Embraces the Trendiest Colors

As vital components of the design process, COLORS raises brand recognition by 87% and affects 85% of product purchases. The world’s most reliable leader in colors, Pantone Color Institute, has announced the trend color as it does every December and selected two colors! The trend colors of 2023, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating will play a significant role in interior designing and home textile. While Illuminating represents hope and happiness, Ultimate Gray symbolizes resilience.

The trend colors of portraying hope and resilience will be one of the top concepts at CNR EV TEKSTİLİ. Presenting the most outstanding examples of the trend colors in 2022, the exhibition will take place at the center of global trade.

Creating its own design brands, Turkey exports home textiles products across the world using its unique interpretation and innovative technologies and keeps its title, the shining star of the global home textiles industry. CNR EV TEKSTİLİ, enabling to follow the home textiles and decoration trends closely and come together with designers and manufacturers from all over the world, serves as a bridge between home textiles manufacturers and buyers.

Don’t be late to reserve your spot for the trendiest innovations of CNR EV TEKSTİLİ, the trend center of the global home textiles industry!