Home Textile Export

Becoming a worldwide brand, the Turkish home textiles industry contributes greatly to the Turkish economy with its high export capacity.

The adventure of Turkey’s home textiles export dates back to the process of manufacturing for brands. Just 15-20 years before, Turkey was manufacturing for world-renowned brands upon their requests. But today, it is making its mark among the rising stars of the global home textiles industry.

Turkey has not only proved itself to the world on home textiles but also accomplished to be one of the countries that lead to home textiles fashion with its powerful brands and attracting collections. There are home textiles companies that have completed their branding process successfully as well as many small and medium-sized companies that are still manufacturing for other brands upon requests of brands.

Turkey also distinguishes with its variety in the product range on home textile, design power, exclusive boutique manufacturing and fast delivery ability.

Export Numbers of Home Textile

Textile stands out as the 6th industry to which Turkey exports the most. Since the Turkish textiles industry has the power, background and added value which can lead the global fashion and trends, it does not have any difficulty in finding new markets. According to the Textile Export Report prepared by ITHIB (Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Union), approximately 15,2% of the export of textiles and textiles raw materials is comprised of home textiles products in the January-December 2017 period. The home textiles industry which is the third most important product group for export of textiles and textiles raw materials is increasing its share in the export day by day.

Home textiles export numbers show that the export is directly affected by downtrends and uptrends in the total export rate. Having performed 1,9-billion-export in the January-December 2017 period, the home textiles industry is among the industries closing the current deficit.

The home textiles industry which focuses on R&D studies and aims to have an innovation-focused growth plans to triple the export rate through new-generation technologies developed and smart fabrics.

Countries to Which Home Textile is Exported

Data from the Home Textile Industry Report released by UIB (Uludag Exporters' Association) show that Turkey is the country that has performed export on home textiles the most following China, India and Pakistan. Adopting an innovation-based manufacturing process, Turkey accomplishes to leave many competitors behind thanks to its powerful design approach, quality, resistant, and original product variety. Performing approximately 4% of the total export rate of global home textile, Turkey has proven to be one of the key players in the global market.

In line with the data from WITS (World Integrated Trade Solution), Germany is one of the leading markets to which Turkey exports home textiles the most. 23% of the home textiles export is performed with Germany. Turkey exports home textiles products to a great number of countries including Spain, the UK, the USA, Italy, the Netherlands and France respectively. Setting its route to Arabian countries and Africa, home textiles companies are showing effort for Turkey to get a bigger share of the cake.

Home Textile Market in Turkey

Turkey is considered as one of the world’s leading textiles manufacturers and exporters. The home textiles industry which is one of the sub-industries of textiles and ready-to-wear clothing is in a very important position also in the domestic market thanks to the population density and rise in the wealth level of the society. Having its brightest periods particularly in spring and summer months, which are the wedding seasons, the industry has become one of the suppliers of the industries such as tourism and health.

As UIB (Uludag Exporters' Association) underlines, Turkey has lost its advantageous position in the textiles market primarily because cheaper labor is available in South and East Asia compared to Turkey and countries, such as China, have aggressive sales policies. Turkey’s close location to Europe, making R&D investments, giving importance in design and branding success of leading textiles manufacturers are carrying Turkey to its former, shining position once again.

Being in the leading position in textiles manufacturing and exporting in Europe, Turkey is preferred by many companies, mainly including Europe and the USA, as it manages manufacturing processes abiding by quality standards. With a source of literate and qualified people, Turkey gains dominance in the competition through preferring more quality raw materials compared to the countries with cheap labor such as China and India, showing diligence in workmanship, showing sensitivity to human health and environment and obeying the EU technical legislation.

The Most Exported Home Textile Products

The Analysis Report for Denizli Home Textile Industry prepared by GEKA (South Aegean Development Agency) emphasizes that Bursa, Denizli, Istanbul, Izmir and Uşak provinces in Turkey, manufacture home textiles the most. While mainly towels, tulles and bedsheets are manufactured in Bursa, Denizli stands out with towels and bedsheet manufacturing, Istanbul with tulles and bedsheets and Uşak with blankets. Home textiles products that are predominantly manufactured also give an idea about the most exported products

Turkey performs export the most in towels and bathrobe category including bathroom clothes. Home Textile Industry Report by UIB (Uludag Exporters' Association) shows that nearly 41% of the export comprises towels and bathrobe-type products. Curtains, bedspreads, duvet cover sets, tulles, laces and other textiles products are among the most exported products.

Showing diligence to some details such as quality, durability, comfort and aesthetic in home textiles products, Turkey is preferred by many consumers in the world. Home textiles manufacturers manufacture, develop and export home textiles whose technical qualities have been enhanced with investments or which offer different solutions for personal comfort necessities with much higher added values. Products such as beds, blankets and sleeping beds manufactured from hollow fibers with high isolation quality; carpets, rugs and other home textiles having flame retardant qualities; and roller blinds creating decorative looks with different coatings attract buyers from all over the world, mainly from Europe. In addition to new-generation home textiles products embracing qualities such as sound isolation, dirt resistance, UV protection and scenting, anti-allergic home textiles products which people, babies or children with allergy can easily use also get their shares from the cake of export.

Duvet Coat Set Export

Turkish duvet coat sets are preferred for their soft tissues which are manufactured from high-quality cotton, high absorbency and breathable structures

Duvet coat sets that use motifs and patterns reflecting Turkish culture attract buyers from all over the world. Organizing tens of design competitions every year, the Turkish home textiles manufacturers and brands enable Turkish duvet coat sets to enter hundreds of new houses every year thanks to their original designs leading decoration trends.

Having the biggest brode and guipure machinery park in the world, Turkey has a factory which manufactures duvet coat sets with the highest capacity in Europe.

Curtain Export

Comprising authentic details, Turkish curtains receive appreciation with their luxurious looks. Featured with characteristics such as anti-odors and molds, easy ironing or wash-and-wear and UV protection, Turkish curtain types have over 6% share in home textiles exportation. Turkish curtain manufacturers and brands that follow the global fashion closely have provided stability in export numbers thanks to a variety of fashionable and practical tulles and curtains.

Bathrobe Export

Distinguishing with their soft tissues, Turkish bathrobe sets are preferred for their lightness and easy dry characteristics. Home textiles product types that are in the product group for which Turkey exports the most are regarded as gifts from the rich Turkish bath culture. In addition to models with thick towel weaving, models with thin weaving that remind peshtemals are preferred all around the world. An extensive group of customers including the most luxurious hotels in the world buy Turkish bathrobe sets without hesitation.

Bedspread Export

Luxurious bedspread models with hand-made details are one of the most exported home textiles products in Turkey. Not only models which are designed with inspiration from the rich culture of Anatolia but also modern designs receive full marks from a great number of users in the world. Bedspread types that have some smart characteristics such as easy clean and dirt resistance receive appreciation as much as the products with predominance on decoration.

Towel Export

Turkey takes the lead in towel manufacturing among the leading countries. High-quality Turkish towels grown in Anatolia, special weaving techniques and cultural heritage of the Turkish bath tradition with more than 600-year history are regarded as the main reasons for Turkish towels to be renowned in the world.

Exporting towels to 165 countries in the world and performing quality-focused studies carried out in Denizli, which covers 70% of the Turkish towel export, the industry is taking important steps for branding.

Exporters who develop the "Turkish Towels" concept and perform promotional activities in various countries aim to increase sales of manufacturers through specific standards for towels.

After testing towels for their characteristics with water resistance, weight, reaction to detergents, water absorbency duration, thickness, thinness, type of thread and cotton, standards of products will be set.

After a specific standard is set for Turkish towels, the certification process will be initiated. For example, companies that use Turkish cotton and thread in a specific rate of manufacturing, have a specific market share in the world and duly represent the Turkish towel will have the right to exercise the “Turkish Towels” label and certificate.